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Dave Wills, Inc. designs and develops custom test and support applications to improve productivity and achieve higher quality results.  This enhanced tools capability allows for the development and testing of complex products.  In addition, these tools are used in the manufacturing process to perform validation and verification of U/L and FDA requirements and to test manufactured products prior to shipment to the customer.

The two screen captures shown above depict tools developed using National Instruments LabWindows®, a Windows-based application.  Graphical tools interface to custom products using RS-232 or USB to capture real-time data regarding the internal operations of hardware and control loops.  These tools are completely configurable using .ini files and therefore can be used for families of products by simply changing parameters in the .ini files.

The tools include all the standard user interface features such as file open, save and configuration.  Real-time data are plotted as the data arrives from the hardware.  Data can be stored and replayed.  On replay, the plots can be zoomed and panned, and a cursor point selected.  The plot data at the cursor point are displayed.  These same tools can be used in developing your products. 

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries

LabWindows/CVI is a registered trademark of National Instruments

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