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Consulting Services


Dave Wills, Inc. designs and develops custom embedded controller software based on your requirements. We have extensive experience in medical and telecommunications applications.  And  embedded controller software products have been developed in other fields

Whether you need several hundred lines of code or have a multi-person project with millions of lines of code, we can help you design and develop your product. Projects have ranged from as little as weeks to as long as months and years.  

If you would like an in-depth review of your current products or have new product requirements, we can make recommenda-tions on the best, most cost-effective, technically superior approach.

Product Design & Development


 Based on your specifications or those written by us, complete embedded software systems can be developed for you. Software is generally written in C. 

 Our experience in hardware design enables easy interface with your hardware and facilitates working with your company's hardware designers while developing software.  

Most of the products designed have custom real-time operating systems (RTOS) using 4, 8 and 16-bit processors.  In addition, some products are based on 32-bit processors using µC/OS,  OSE®, Nucleus, pSOS® and others.

Medical products can be stand-alone medical devices, such as blood analyzers.  Typical projects range from radio frequency (RF) generators to controllers for imaging systems.  All of these devices demand a very low risk of failure and endure exhaustive testing required by the FDA.

Telecommunications products can include custom wireless and spread-spectrum networks. Custom protocols can be designed as necessary or industry standard communications protocols used.

Device Drivers

Systems are designed to interface embedded controllers with a wide variety of other devices.  These may include Flash and EEPROM memory devices, A/D and D/A converters, motors, printers and other  mechanical devices.

Hardware designs and schematics can be used as input to our process.

Documentation &

Long Term Support


We provide meticulous and complete documentation for every software system developed for you.

Post-release support is provided  for the life of the product for every device Dave Wills, Inc. designs.  We will do whatever it takes to resolve issues and problems with our designs quickly so you can keep to your schedule, upgrade your products quickly and maintain the utmost quality.

Dave Wills, Inc. will always be there for you.  Product support is given high priority.

PCB Design Services

For information on the design, layout, fabrication and assembly of PC boards, please visit our PCB page. 

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Standard & Custom Development Tools


Dave Wills, Inc. has experience with almost all standard software development tools including compilers, debuggers and emulators.  Many hardware development tools, such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and protocol analyzers, can be applied.

We also have experience developing custom test and support applications with Windows® Graphical User Interfaces using National Instruments LabWindows®. These tools provide extensive data acquisition and real-time monitoring capabilities in the development environment.

Our special development tools can be used on your project to enable fast start-up, improved productivity and higher quality results.